Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Defensive Advertising

Defensive Advertising, originally uploaded by quercus design.
In the course of a day's hard cleaning I sorted dozens of treasures into 'keep' and 'sell' piles. This one I think belongs in a black frame in a large white loft owned by twenty-somethings who can rock irony as interior design. So yeah, it's in the 'sell' pile.

Now that I've been reminded of its existence, though, I can't stop thinking about the implications of that question. I think the world as we know it would end. (So, apparently, do the authors of the broadside, but not at all in the same way.) It is so much harder to draw the line between culture and advertising now than when this was written (I'm guessing in the 60s.) It's sometimes hard to even define an ad: product placement? Logos on clothing? If it is worn ironically, like a Tshirt with a picture of Spam, is it still an ad? Imagine a world in which clothing is blank. And buses. And bumper stickers (which often advertise politics). Some people would go mad with boredom. Some might start to think again.

If you want to read the text there are close ups on my Flickr page.
And if you want to buy it, it's in my etsy shop!
Note: 3/21/10 Sold

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