Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I really hate the way projects drag out at the very end, with little niggling details that are tedious and time-consuming to wrap up. If you leave the loose threads hanging, though, not only does the project look like crap, you're liable to unravel the seam. So to speak. And they are never simple to resolve - that's why they are still dangling!

I'm still trying to finish Father Time. Desperately trying. I've decided to replace the molding. Maybe I'm obsessive, but that's what makes me so special, right? And as long as I'm replacing it, I'm going to use dollhouse molding. I'm ordering this:
and plenty of it, for when I screw up! I'm also ordering some of this:
just in case the first one doesn't look right. I really hate this, it's almost as bad as shopping for pants online. How do you know they'll fit if you can't try them on?! But the alternative is to wait for our next trip off island (actually this weekend) and drag my husband and children to a miniatures store. I think I'll risk the blind shopping!

After ransacking my stashes and several hours of online hunting, I've given up on finding the right feet for the cabinet. I'm tempted to give up on feet entirely, but instinct says they are required, and instinct was right about the door. I hate it when instinct is right because it always means more work for me. In this case, I will have to fabricate them. I wanted old brass in an hourglass shape, but have no machinist skills, which leaves wood and sculpey. I'll start with Sculpey and keep you posted.

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