Thursday, July 15, 2010

Photos for Sale, Nice Fresh Photos for Sale!

Four of my collection photos are up for sale in my etsy shop (three Beachcombing series and one Sea Glass) and I'll be adding more.
It's taken a long time to get them ready, as I had to test the online photo printing services. I was most pleased with iprintfromhome and mpix. Snapfish is a very good deal and great for personal snapshots, but not aimed at the fine art market. The main weakness is that the site automatically crops photos to size, leaving some photos awkwardly chopped. They also didn't do a very good job of packing the larger photos, and my 8x10 arrived with a crumpled corner. Not a deal-breaker for personal shots, but I want perfection for professional work.
The order from iprintfromhome was beautifully packed, and even the 11x14 photos were in perfect condition. Shipping is only $3, and the tools on the site are excellent. They use Kodak Supra Endura Silver Halide Professional Photographic Paper. (Unfortunately I got carried away with a trend and ordered everything on metallic paper, which may have its uses but turned all my white backgrounds pearly gray. Ick! But that was my fault, not the site's. Live and learn.)
Mpix also packed the photos well, and I was very pleased with the tools available on their site. They use Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital Paper. The only drawback was the minimum shipping charge of $6.
I've been very disappointed in the quality of my photos, especially the ones I shot before I made the light box. They look great online, but when printed many of them (to my eyes at least) are fuzzy or even slightly pixilated around the edge of objects. So frustrating! I really have to get stronger and truer lights, and build some kind of tripod tall enough to get my huge compositions. I am only listing photos for sale that meet my standards, which unfortunately means some of my favorites won't make the cut.

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