Tuesday, July 27, 2010

iPad vs. Blogger, Round 1

Cathrineholm fondue set

Cathrineholm fondue set

This is a test post. I'm looking for a way to blog photos using my beloved but Flash-less iPad. I think Blogger must use Flash to add photos, because when I create a new post on the iPad it doesn't even have the 'add photo' button. I can blog from Flickr, but only one photo at a time, and I have to create the whole post in Flickr. There's no way to preview it that way. So for this post I used an app called quickr pickr to choose the photos, convert them to HTML, and then paste them here.
What I like: it works. I can add multiple photos directly to the raw blog post.
What I don't like: you choose the photo size in quickrpickr, and their 'small,' which is what I ended up using, is too small, while the 'medium' doesn't fit into Blogger's format. It gets chopped off at the sides, like this:

Cathrineholm fondue set

Verdict: not good enough. I'll poke around on their website to see if there's a way to adjust the sizes, but I'm going to keep hunting for a better way to add photos. I can't be the only blogger trying to use an iPad, can I?

7/29/10 update:
So far this is the most useful program, and I've contacted them with my question. I hope there's a way to work with the sizing, but if not, we may have to make do with mini photos when I'm traveling.

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