Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crab Shells, The Bluffs, July 13, 2010

The second photo from my session on the Bluffs. I have a traffic jam in my studio now, since I haven't stopped beachcombing while waiting for my studio to be 'perfect.' I was waiting for an adapter to turn a microphone boom into an extended tripod, but when it arrived, it turned out that the boom I have is too weak, and in fact is broken. So I am waiting for a new boom. On the bright side (bad pun) the new light bulbs have made a big difference. If I brace my elbows as best I can and hold my breath as I snap the shot, I can usually get a good clear picture even with a wide aperture. When I look at the shots from the last couple of days and compare them to ones from last month, the improvement is very clear. As soon as I get a couple more good ones I'm going to test them at a larger print size - maybe as big as 11x11! I can't wait!

August 8: Here's a second version, called 'Reversed Crab Shells.'

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