Sunday, September 26, 2010

the Imperfections series

Dirty Glass, September 2010
Every now and then I lose my temper with my house. It's a nice house with a little bit of garden, not too big and not too small. It's pretty old for an American, though, and we use it hard.
Partially-Scraped and then Abandoned Kitchen Floor, September 2010
See, this is the hang-out house, where all the neighborhood kids end up after school and on weekends. Which is a good thing, but can be hard on the walls. And floors. And ceilings.
Hole in Authentic Horsehair Plaster Wall, September 2010
I'm also a lousy housekeeper. I try, though. Really, I do. Every Sunday I wash and sweep and vacuum and polish.
Electric Stove, September 2010
But every now and then I get really tired of trying to clean things that are permanently stained, scratched, gouged, or just plain worn out. And then I lose my temper with my house.
Sloppy Paint Job, September 2010
Usually I stomp around and whine to my husband about the god-awful-bathroom-floor or the gouges in the-stairs-that-I had-personally-refinished-on-my-hands-and-knees-only-7-years-ago.
Abused Baseboard, September 2010
This week when I lost my temper I took out my camera and gave the macro setting a work out on  everything that pissed me off, from the chunks taken out of the plaster
What the Hell did you do to the Wall, September 2010
to the dust bunnies in the corners of the steps
Dirt on the Stairs, September 2010
to the dirty dishes piled in the sink.
Aubade, September 2010
I really like a couple of the photos although it's kind of depressing to review them.
Window Insulation, September 2010
My husband thinks it was absolutely hysterical, and has told everybody about this thing his wife did, and how I'm never going to clean again because I'll be too busy photographing the mold and dust.
Linoleum is not Childproof, September 2010
Spoon, Bowl and Coffee Grounds, September 2010
Maybe he should scrub the bathroom floor this week.


  1. I just came across your Flickr site and was drawn to the Imperfection series - I think it's a great idea! Your work is beautiful.

    1. Hi Lauren, Thank you! I enjoyed your take on imperfection, too.