Monday, November 8, 2010


Yesterday Ellie and I went to the Tate Modern. This is Ai Weiwei's installation in the Turbine Hall. You may have seen photos of this floating around the Internet. Millions of sunflower seeds - made of porcelain, hand painted - are neatly piled on the floor. You used to be able to walk on them and pick them up, but apparently it produced a lot of dust (bad for the lungs) and you can only look now. Here is another photo showing the scale of the installation:

Today we went to Fortnum and Mason for high tea.

My portable editing program is fairly crude, and I apologize for the quality of these photos. I can't seem to get the white balance right!

At any rate, we had a lovely feast on finger sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, jam, and pastries. And pots and pots of tea! We had to roll ourselves home.

To try and walk off the pastries we took the stairs, and discovered a gallery of modern paintings hung in the stairwell, and these delightful lamp holders:

Tomorrow will be a quiet day of packing and laundry as we get ready to leave for India.

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