Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Two weeks of silence, and then three posts in one day! Between the holidays and still being sick it has been too easy to let things slide.

Blogger introduced some new formats that have a wider page, which seemed like a great idea. Bigger photos, for one thing. Unfortunately I can't get the header straight, it just doesn't look right, and I can't change it back. Pardon my awkwardness while I renovate my house...
Oh no! I looks like I've lost all your wonderful comments since last April!! Let this be a lesson to all. If it ain't broke...but no, then we'd never get better at anything. Still, this is the kind of meltdown that makes me wary of change. Unintended consequences vs. the hope of improvement. Tough choice!

It also looks like quite a few photo links are broken. I'll try to get those fixed as soon as possible. If you run into a post with missing images, could you leave a comment so I know? Thanks for helping!

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