Monday, April 4, 2011

Wobbly Easter Eggs

Wobbly Easter Eggs, April 2011. for sale here
Wow, was this one unexpectedly hard to shoot! The hard shiny plastic with those intense colors gave unnaturally saturated shots. Like this:
I won't make it larger because the intensity gives me a headache. It took a lot of tweaking in Photoshop to let it read as vivid but not blinding. Just for fun, I took the desaturation a little further, looking for a slightly faded feel to the photo:

I sort of liked that, so I de-saturated it just a little more:
Did I take it too far?

The last shot is really of eggs from my neighbor's chickens. I put out a call on Facebook looking for bird eggs, since I wanted to do a companion photo to the plastic eggs. This one is kind of cool, not sure yet whether I like it. The smooth eggs on the smooth background are a little bland for my taste. (Maybe I should add salt? Sorry, can't resist a bad joke.)  I'd still like to find a variety of sizes and colors and maybe some speckled ones. Anybody have an egg collection I could borrow? Hey, I wonder if they sell quail eggs at the mainland grocery store...

Still working on my booth for the Big Thaw craft fair. Holy cow, this is a lot of work! I have new respect for people who do this regularly. I finally picked up my table from the Boy Scouts' Christmas tree sale lot, where it has been languishing for three months, and am going to mark off a 5x8 booth with masking tape on the living room floor and test the set-up. Won't my family love that!

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