Saturday, May 21, 2011

Taste of Bar Harbor

 The Taste of Bar Harbor fair today was quite an event, with merchants all over town holding sales, ice-carving demonstrations, restaurant tastings, and of course, a craft fair. I shared a booth with an old friend, Bill Sanborn.
Bill makes elegant turned wood objects and beautiful wood-framed mirrors. Several of his mirrors feature artwork by Jennifer Judd-McGee. It was the first outdoor craft fair for both of us, and was great chance to try out new booth set-ups. I loved Bill's old fence panels, and the patina on them looks even better in real life. My husband built me some new, very lightweight panels - they have a wood frame covered in fabric, similar to a stretched canvas, with narrow grooved wood ledges across the front. The unframed photos slip right into the grooves, and I strung fishing line across the top of the photos "in case of wind." Worked like a charm, too. We didn't have much wind, just damp fog with some light showers. I took these photos to commemorate a couple of brave sunbeams that broke through!

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