Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eddie's Brook, May 28, 2011

Eddie's Brook, May 28, 2011 (available in my etsy shop)
Eddie's Brook is an unpretentious little stream that winds through the neighborhoods to the northeast of the Bar Harbor village. It starts somewhere near the top of Great Hill and tumbles down along the side of the Eagle Lake Road, past Kebo golf course, behind Conners-Emerson elementary school, through a long culvert under Eden Street, the main road into town, until it finally resurfaces beside the Seacoast Mission just in time to sprawl into the ocean.
 This is the outfall area at low tide. You can see the culvert opening at the base of the stone wall in the center of the photo. The wall is about 10 feet high, and holds up Eden Street. I may come back here on a blazing summer day - the deep shade might be pleasant then. In late May, with a cool mist hovering, it was chilly and not very picturesque.  The beachcombing, on the other hand, turned up some interesting bits: two large whelk shells, a surprisingly heavy branch of driftwood, an equally surprisingly light piece of charcoal, a bit of flow-blue porcelain, and a mysterious action figure.

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  1. Totally in love with that mysterious action figure! Incredible finds.