Friday, August 12, 2011

Indian Point, Bar Harbor, Maine; July 27, 2011

The Blagden Preserve is a piece of land out on Indian Point that is managed by the Nature Conservancy. I'd heard that seals often bask on the rocks, so I packed up the family to go check out the beach.
 You park just inside the entrance off the Indian Point Road, and walk down a paved lane to the shore. There are some paths through the woods, but we took the easy way. You can see the kids have run way ahead of slow old Mom here. They weren't happy about having to walk - it can't have been more than a mile, and took about 10 minutes. I forbade whining until we were out of sight of the parking lot. It was a lovely walk, with moss-covered stumps and fern glades in the spruce forest.
 The beach turned out to be very pretty, mostly small stones with some huge outcrops. It was sunny and warm (in the high 70s), with a light breeze, and the most amazing towering cumulus clouds.
 The water was surprisingly warm. The kids wouldn't swim with me, though, because the seaweed was pretty thick. At high tide it would be a better swimming spot. No seals showed up while we were there, but there were plenty of crabs!
 This little one has red legs. It is hiding inside the bladder-pod of a seaweed.
 I couldn't stop staring at the clouds. They were surreal!
 On a beachcombing note, this is the place for smooth periwinkle. It's only the second place I've found them, and they were everywhere.

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