Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On the Beach in a Snowstorm

We were supposed to drive south today so we could spend Thanksgiving with my family, but a nasty storm blew in overnight and we decided to stay put. It's wet, driving, sleety, slushy stuff; not the kind that's fun to play in. I've certainly driven in worse storms, but just did not feel like tackling this one. Must be getting old.
I took my daughter over to a friend's house and on the way back noticed the tide was out at Hulls Cove. I figured I'd earn myself a cup of hot chocolate by going beachcombing. Total fail! The sleet stung my eyes so I couldn't look around much, and there was just enough snow accumulating to hide the bits of flotsam that I could see.
So I had a brisk, muddy walk and snapped a few pictures with my eyes squinted shut against the sleet. Here you go - Happy Thanksgiving from Maine!


  1. That last bottom photo is worth framing, I love it.

  2. That last bottom photo is worth framing, I love it.

  3. Thank you! It's a crabapple tree still full of little red apples, shot through the window of my car.

  4. Jenn I hope you don't mind by I "stole" that photo to use as my desktop image for a while. I change regularly every few weeks and I loved this one so much!
    I'll be looking at it for the next couple of weeks and thinking of you and beautiful Maine every time - thanks for that !