Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hulls Cove, Maine; January 2, 2012 (Beachcombing series No.59)

Hulls Cove, Maine; January 2, 2012  (Beachcombing series No.59)
It was the last day of winter vacation, and I had just dropped my daughter off at her friend's house for the afternoon. On the way home, I stopped at Hulls Cove to enjoy the warm spell and the fitful sunshine. The temperature was about 50ºF and the sky was overcast, but the tide was low, the sun kept breaking out, and the wind was not very brisk. I wandered over to the creek edge where it empties into the cove, and was surprised to see footprints in the mud. There was no one in sight. There were two different print sets, although I couldn't tell if they were walking together. One of the prints was bigger than mine, and I have big feet, so it was probably a guy. And they only went in one direction. As I wandered, I daydreamed about who else had walked there and why. A man and a woman, maybe, out for a romantic stroll. (In the smelly tidal mud? Maybe not.) Teenagers up to mischief? (On a midwinter mudflat? Unlikely.) Gotta be more beachcombers! (I wonder what they found?)

Further down the beach, where the mud gives way to firmer sand and small stones, I found signs that lots of people had been enjoying the mild weather on the beach, including a child's footprints playing a hopping and dragging game in the damp sand.


  1. I love this photograph, Jenn (well, all the other ones, too). I especially like the quality of light. How do you get such vivid transparent colours? Are you photographing on a light box or something like that?

    1. Thank you, Anonymous! These are done on an enormous home-made light box. You can see pictures of the set-up here: http://quercusdesign.blogspot.com/2011/08/new-photo-technique.html
      If you try it yourself, I'd love to see the photos...

    2. Thanks very much, Jenn. I'll get over there and have a look. You won't be seeing any of my photographs, soon, though, since I'm a painter, not a photographer. My photography education ended with one course in art school years ago. Although I have started to use my camera as an sort of note-taking tool recently, so that I don't forget ideas, and it's made me reappreciate good photography.

      Thanks again, Jenn! Ramona

    3. Where can I see your work?