Monday, May 14, 2012

Fiji: Monday, March 12 - Matava Eco-Resort

Well, we finally arrived at the Matava Eco-Resort on Kadavu Island.

The tide was out, so we waded through shallow water along a narrow path through the seaweed and coral up to the mudflat along the shore. Everybody from the resort came down to help us carry our bags.
Our first glimpse of the bures we'd be staying in - thatched roofs, thatched sides, wide porches and big windows. Very picturesque.
That's the main bure, where meals are served (and parties are held!)
Reading the 'user manual' for the resort - don't walk under coconut trees, electricity is available from 9am to 5pm (the resort is solar-powered), kerosene lanterns will be provided after dark ...
Every houseplant my mother nursed through the New England winters grows wild here.
Statues carved from coconut palm trunks stood at each bure.
Finally, a picture of me!
Inside our bure. Plenty of room, just enough ocean breeze to temper the heat, and these were some of the cushiest beds I've ever tried. The owners did a great job of balancing 'eco' with 'resort' - no air-conditioning or fancy shampoos, but plenty of hot water, excellent food, and perfect beds. My daughter said it was like camping ... except comfortable. I couldn't manage to properly expose both the window and the interior, so the shot above is the view from my feet
 ... and here's another shot of what I saw through the window.
Tomorrow ... the beachcombing begins!


  1. Looks like a dream. That crab shot is sensational. Looks so relaxing and such a break from normal life. Px

  2. I loved the crabs - ours are much plainer reds and browns. The turquoise patterns are just gorgeous. And yes, we were thoroughly pampered in a glamorous-camping sort of way! The only unpleasant bit was the heat. I could handle the rain, but the heat exhausted me. I had to force myself to move. After a couple of days I discovered the wonders of a cold shower for restoring energy.