Monday, September 17, 2012

Head Harbor Lighthouse, Campobello, NB; June 9, 2012


Well, it's been a while, hasn't it? I've missed the whole darn summer! I won't go into the details or we'll never get to the beachcombing, but every darn person living in my house and several other close family members seem to have had some medical event and/or life upheaval over the last few months. The long and the short of it is that everybody's going to be fine, eventually, but I didn't go beachcombing at all from the time we left Campobello in early June until my father-in-law's birthday party on September 3rd. Rather than dwell on all that, I'm just going to pick up again with Day 2 of our trip to Campobello, because it was so beautiful and I found such cool things on the beaches there, and one would hope that by the time I finish telling you about Campobello, life will have calmed down and I'll have fresh adventures to show you.
The morning of our first day we planned to go see the Head Harbor Lighthouse, also known as the East Quoddy Light, which is way up at the northern tip of the island, and only accessible at low tide. There was a thick fog, but the tides were right, so off we went!
There were a lot of warnings about the tides along the way. To reach the lighthouse, you have to scramble up and down several sets of very steep stairs and across the seaweed-covered rocks below. It isn't terribly strenuous for the experienced beachcomber, but you really wouldn't want to try to race the tide back!

 The fog cleared slowly as we picked our way across, and by late morning it had turned into a gorgeous day.
The lighthouse is part of a cheerful, classic, red-and-white complex.
The buildings are not open to the public (although I did hear that a group of volunteers who had come to work on the buildings got to stay there for a couple of nights) but you can wander around between them.
It wasn't terribly crowded in early June - three or four other couples were exploring while we were there, and for short periods we were entirely alone.
 This last photo was a farmhouse we saw on the way back to the inn. How often have you taken a photo out the car window, knowing perfectly well that it will be a fuzzy mess but unable to stop yourself from trying? Well, this is the one that actually came out, guaranteeing that I won't stop shooting from a moving car anytime soon.
There are more photos from this trip in my Flickr stream

In the still life: Basalt, schist, and granite beach stones, sea glass, beach china, Blue Mussel (Mytilus edulis), Ten-Ridged Whelk (Neptunea decemcostata), lobster claw band.

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