Saturday, September 29, 2012

South of Welshpool Wharf, Campobello; June 10, 2012

It was our last day on Campobello Island and I set out to explore the area south of the wharf. My husband is an amazing trumpet player and wanted to practice, so he stationed himself near the wharf building, which was deserted since it was Sunday morning.

The clouds scudded overhead and the light changed rapidly from cold grey to warm gold,
and I poked through the detritus on the beach as the Harry James Trumpet Concerto echoed through the crescent-shaped bay.
I've never had a musical accompaniment before - it was beautiful.

I had plenty of company. There were the usual seagulls,

and a pair of cormorants,

several spiders,

and a moth.

And as you can see from the first photo, there was an amazing amount of sea glass!

In the still life: Driftwood, sea glass, granite and schist beach stones, Blue Mussel (Mytilus edulis), industrial ceramic cover, possibly from the Bryant Electric Co. (1888-present), porcelain, bird bones, seafood industry label, lobster-claw band, Rough Periwinkle (Littorina saxatilis), soda can pull tab, and plastic lighter

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