Thursday, October 25, 2012

Leaf Peeping

I finally took a walk with my camera to catch the last of the fall colors.
The birches and poplars have finished, the red maples are going bare from the top down, the sugar maples are clinging to their last leaves, the oaks are going straight to brown, and the Norway maples are just starting to turn gold.
 The Burning Bushes (Euonymus alatus) are going bare, but the berries are still vivid.
This Euonymus turned pink instead of red!

 This is a Northern Toothed Polypore tree mushroom colony (Climacodon septentrionale). It isn't fall foliage, I know, but it's still amazing! Must have been over two feet across...

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  1. I love finding Autumn treasures. That last photo is so cool!