Thursday, May 2, 2013

Baby Foxes!

baby babies young foxes
It must be spring because every day brings another miracle, and I feel a bit dazed by all the marvels I get to see. This morning it was a mother fox nursing her kits. This particular fox family has had a litter every spring for several years in my friends' back yard, and this year I finally got to see the babies!
foxes vixen kit kits babies baby young
My friends are very respectful of their fox neighbors, so we watched from inside the house at least a hundred feet away. I'm sure the foxes appreciated our discretion, but my poor little 300mm lens was not quite up to the job. There's a lot of cropping and pixel-boosting in these shots, but I think you can see enough to be overwhelmed by the sheer cuteness.
Here she is nursing four babies:
vixen foxes baby babies

If you look very closely, the middle baby is licking its nose off after nursing with a little pink tongue:

And just so we don't forget in the midst of all the cuteness that they are wild animals, here's Mama Fox carrying around a formely-cute-but-now-dead squirrel that Papa Fox brought for her breakfast.
 Even though the babies are nursing and not eating solid food yet, they are still running after Mama's squirrel.

My kids were like that, too, when they were little. "Whatareyoueatingisityummygivemesome!"


  1. JENNIFER!! Thank you for these pictures! What a gift.
    Don't you just LOVE moments like this and that they basically posed for your camera. The pictures were great...Last summer I got totally intrigued with the red fox. What a transformation in the coat colormfrom child to adult! Beautiful! I did some watercolor collages and listed them in my online shop. I did them from photographs I took in Colorado, but I never got to see anything like this!!!!
    Keep photo journaling your life for us!

    1. And thank YOU for taking the time to comment! I'll go look for your watercolors.


  2. These little guys are so cute! I have been seeing baby water fowl around where I live lately and it is very exciting because they are so cute. But I think seeing baby foxes would be even more amazing!

    1. On the other hand, I haven't seen any bird babies, and would love to!