Saturday, October 19, 2013

Northeast Creek, October 11, 2013

Northeast Creek is a tidal estuary flowing through marshes and cranberry bogs out to the bay. It is also called King's Creek: seems like every natural landmark around here has been renamed at least once (unlike the man-made landmarks whose names often persist for decades after they stop making sense.) That's Cadillac Mountain in the background, for example, which was known as Green Mountain in the 19th century and before that I think the Wabanaki called it Pemetic.
It's a beautiful spot for kayaking or canoeing, and this time of year you can pick cranberries. I haven't been out there for a couple of years, but when the kids were little they got a huge kick out of bouncing on the springy bog turf.
The creek runs right under the main road into Bar Harbor, and this is the view looking upstream from under the bridge.
October is a mighty fine time of year to live in Maine.


  1. loving this wandering through Maine...found thanks to Li Edelkoort mentioning your work...

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

      Lidewij Edelkoort mentioned me? How very cool! Do you remember where?