Thursday, December 5, 2013

Woohoo, it's the Bizarre Bazaar!

The only craft fair I do these days is the Bizarre Bazaar, a lovely little affair at Spruce & Gussy here in Bar Harbor. Come have a glass or two of wine and hang out with us - it's the most relaxed shopping you'll do this holiday season!

If you like my work there's another reason you should come. Remember how we started renting our house out this summer? And I'm currently re-doing my studio? Well, now I have nowhere to store inventory, which means it all needs to go. So yes, all the framed pieces, all the unframed pieces, all the notecards, all the postcards will be as inexpensive as you will ever see them. Framed work will start at $25 - yes, I'm serious! It all needs to go. Postcards, which are usually $6 for a packet, will be $3. (This only applies to work I have on hand, though, not to anything that has to be ordered or shipped, and not to Spruce & Gussy's stock.) You get the drift  -  we're talking high-class inventory clearance.  

And did I mention there will be chair massages? Yes, you could sip wine while receiving a massage and chatting with friends, and knock off some of your holiday chores. It's a frickin' miracle, it is. 

 December 13 and 14, 10am-6pm.

All the cool people will be there. You should totally come.

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