Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ice Fishing on Eagle Lake, March 1, 2014

There's a wonderful colony of ice shacks on Eagle Lake, not far from my house, and I love watching the way their owners change them every year. You may recognize some of these from my last post about them, but keep an sharp eye out - some have been painted:

Some have had structural changes:

Some have been accessorized:

And this one is just plain new to me:

My favorite shot of the day:

They did eventually let him in.


  1. Has the red one been painted since your last post? It looked like the paint was flaking pretty badly before. I like the dog outside the yellow hut the best, too! We're in the 40s for highs this week and snow is melting like crazy, causing some minor flooding to homes, roads and parking lots. No more ice fishing on Flathead Lake, but only the bays usually freeze on that huge lake anyway. I haven't been by any of the smaller lakes to see if they're still fishing on them or not. It may not look like spring here, but with some melt and warmer temps it sort of feels like it! Though it could be close to two months before we'll see any wildflowers in bloom.

    1. I think the one that was red last year is now grey-green with new windows. This year's red one is new to me.

      These were taken last weekend, and it was about 12ºF. We finally got a warm front today, and I think it was in the high 30s!

      Hope the flooding hasn't threatened your house? But you're up on the mountain, aren't you?