Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Rocks at College of the Atlantic

happy rocks
On Saturday the kids and I were sitting on the beach waiting for Diver Ed's boat tour* to start loading, and they got bored. I don't understand them sometimes. I mean, we had tons of rocks and mussel shells and snails and seaweed and there were probably crabs down in the waves. How can you be bored on a beach? So I found a piece of coal among the rocks** and tried to get them interested in doodling on the flatter stones.  The kids were in that mood where nothing is interesting, not even drawing on rocks with other rocks, but I had a good time. (They did eventually liven up once we got on board. Nobody stays bored around Diver Ed!)

*Disclosure: Diver Ed is a good friend of ours.  His tours are awesome, so you have to come to Bar Harbor and go out on his boat, the Starfish Enterprise.
**At least I think it was coal. It was black, very hard, and made a nice black line. I suppose it could have been very hard charcoal.

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