Friday, March 26, 2010


Cool typography, originally uploaded by quercus design.
This was a 'product shot' of random bits of paper ephemera for my etsy store. It wasn't until I saw the photos on my screen that I realized what a great combination of colors this is. The reds and blue-greens balance each other, the shapes are in equilibrium .... I guess my 'eye' is always at work, even when I'm not trying to make, you know, Art. So now I'm wondering if I should pull it out of the store and actually work it into a collage. It was originally the type faces that attracted me. That wonderful Art Deco heating company font, and the scrolly shoelaces one, and the simplicity of the rick rack... and the more I look, the more I love the colors. I wonder what would happen if I placed them on an old sewing pattern?

To be continued.....?
P.S. Click here to see it on Flickr.

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