Sunday, March 21, 2010


Early spring 6, originally uploaded by quercus design.

I learned some new tricks in Photoshop yesterday. Well, not new, really. I knew how to mess with the color adjustments. But with this photo I got to play around with them at a new level.

Because the sprouts are so green and the background had very little green or yellow in it, I was able to almost strip the background of color. I could have made it totally black-and-white, but thought that looked too harsh. This way looks (I hope) less obviously 'Photoshopped' but still puts all the attention on that incredible backlit spring green. It's the way I saw it - the background was irrelevant, the sprouts took all my attention.


  1. Can you do an online tutorial or just tell us how you did this?

  2. A tutorial? Oooh, a new challenge! Sure. This means I'll have to figure out how to get more than one photo in a post. Hmmm....