Thursday, April 29, 2010

Circular Reasoning

The one thing all my work has in common (sculpture, painting, drawing, landscape architecture, writing, graphic design, motherhood ....) is obsessive detail. I draw a lot, often while I am waiting for my kids to finish a riding lesson or an orthodontist appointment. People look over my shoulder and say "Cool." Then they ask, "What is it?" Even my son, who ought to know by now the answer will always be "Just a doodle." A really really elaborate and obsessive doodle. With a lot of eccentric humor and too much education embedded in it. For a long time I drew lines. Lots and lots of lines. Like this:
And this:

These were 'about' geography, cartography, geology, topography ... the way landforms are created, built, changed, described, quantified... I get inarticulate when asked to explain. That's what an ellipsis is for, right?
Lately my drawings have turned circular.  I don't know why. Now the doodles are 'about' streaming, flow, ripples, bubbles, cells, small units building up large masses, movement....
The other thing that changed? I'm selling my work. Eek?

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