Monday, April 12, 2010

Father Time Review

So to recap the adventures of the last week, here's Father Time in 2008, when I "finished"* the interior:

And here he is on Monday with the (glassless) door leaning in place:
And on Saturday, with the door "finished" and properly hung:
Hmm. I had intended to make a sarcastic remark about sweating the small stuff and what a minor difference all that work made, but seeing it side-by-side like this, well, maybe I'm not insane after all. It really does look better with the door than without**, and the door looks far better neatly trimmed.

Well isn't that special?

*'Finished' should always be in quotes because I rarely finish, I just run out of steam.
**Although you can't see the interior geometry as well as you could before ...

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