Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still Working on Time

Our last post was something of a cliffhanger, with our hero, Father Time, on the verge of being finished after years of work and procrastination, stymied at the last moment by the lack of four very small screws.
The hardware store did not have screws this small, but the owner dug through everything he had to me find me a package of hinges that came with similar screws. As you can see, they were a little smaller, but because they were straight where the old ones tapered, they grabbed the wood just enough to work.
The moment of truth:
Then some more touch up, this time super-gluing a loose clock face:
And ta da:
The door, it has been hung!
Now if I can just get over the 1/8" lopsided top of the frame.... Sigh. I have this sneaking suspicion that I will have to fix it. Nobody else really notices it, but it is all I can look at!
And I still haven't figured out how to fabricate his sign...
And the cabinet needs feet....
If only I had some brass pieces shaped like squat hourglasses, about 3/4" tall ... if you know where to find some I will kiss you, I will.

Oh, and of course when I went hunting through my metal bits for possible feet, I found the missing screws.

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