Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pin It Forward: what home means to me

Walden, by Jez Burrows for Kitsune Noir Poster Club

It's time for my move in a new game! I'd never heard of a 'mash-up' before, but it's kind of like tag for the internet-obsessed. One blogger starts it off, and in this case I think there are 300 of us posting our take on 'What Home Means to Me,' one after the other, showing things we've posted to our Pinterest boards. (I talked about Pinterest here.) This one was started by sfgirlbybay, and has wandered through lots of fascinating blogs, to alamode stuff just before me, and when I'm through talking, it'll go to Dresses for Breakfast.
 Klippan Bubbles Wool Blanket, at Huset
 Tag, I'm it! So here's what my home is to me:
Overflowing Bookshelves 
The Visual Miscellaneum: A Colorful Guide to the World's Most Consequential TriviaRamayana: Divine LoopholeCranford (Penguin Classics)Emma (Penguin Classics) Pheromone: The Insect Artwork of Christopher MarleyWater for Elephants: A Novel

I read constantly, and love the feel of a well-made book in my hands almost as much as I love a good story. Right now I'm telling everyone to read Water for Elephants. Just do it!

Full of Life
 With 2 kids, all their friends, all our friends, and our pets, it's never boring here! (Or clean...)


Everyone in my family has a quirky sense of humor. We all think it would be awesome to replace the living room armchairs with these swings! And make them comfy with squirrel pillows!

Lovely Art

 A Place to Store my Stuff

I collect Cathrineholm Lotus pattern enamel cookware in blues and greens. Cathrineholm was made in Norway in the 1960s and 70s, and I find this pattern so elegant and cheerful. When your cookware is this pretty then even when the stove is covered in dirty pots it still looks nice.

That pretty much sums it up! Now it's Dresses for Breakfast's turn. Tag, you're it!

If you're curious, you can find my Pinterest boards here. Here's a list of all the bloggers who are playing. And you can see all the Pin-It-Forward Boards on this page.

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