Monday, August 23, 2010

My favorite sea glass

My Favorite Sea Glass
This is the first photo* taken with the new tripod, and surprise, it still isn't perfect.  It's better, yes. Everything seems to be crisp and focused, which is good, but I have to do too much post-production processing (Photoshop!) to get the backgrounds to look bright white, and I think it flattens the light and throws off the color. Not horribly off, but I'm not shooting for OK. If I'm going to do all this work, it better be awesome.
 This is what it looks like straight out of the camera. Very gray, even with the camera's white balance set. I wish there was someone I could ask about these details. Anybody out there know how to take a good still-life photo?

*The first finished photo, that is. I took at least 6 with a variety of aperture openings, realized that the pieces weren't lined up neatly enough, fiddled with the pieces, took another 6 or 8 variant photos, switched a couple of pieces that just didn't look right, took more photos, blew them up to see if they were crisp, chose three or four, Photoshopped them, blew them up again, and chose a final 'finished' photo. These photos are bringing out my most anal-retentive nit-picky perfectionist tendencies. I may need to take a break and fling paint for a while.

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