Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Embroidered Photos

More 'refurbished' old photos, this time with machine embroidery as well as hand-coloring. The embroidery is a lot of fun, if you are patient and don't try to rush it. There were a few (well, more than a few) photos that I ruined using too small a stitch, since essentially you are creating perforated lines in your paper and if the holes are too close together it just falls apart. Then you sigh or curse, depending on the time of the month, and fumble around for another photo to ruin.
The zigzag stitch stayed in place pretty well. I just glued down the ends of the thread (on the back) to keep it from unraveling, but for the straight stitch I ended up brushing glue over the entire back (and then layering the photo in wax paper with heavy books on top so it would dry flat.) I used Elmer's, of course. I use Elmer's for pretty much everything. If Elmer's isn't strong enough I use Super Glue. I hate using epoxy, so if Super Glue won't hold it I usually re-think my strategy.

 One last nugget of wisdom from this experiment: glossy photo paper is almost impossible to photograph! Note to self: further experiments must be on matte paper.

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