Sunday, October 17, 2010

I know it's too early to talk about Christmas...

...but I was having coffee with a friend and somehow the idea came up of photographing my enormous collection of vintage glass Christmas balls. I was so excited by the idea I just about abandoned her in the cafe to run home to my studio! Finally I did get a chance to pull out the ornaments and begin experimenting, and my lord it's a whole new can of worms and frustrations. I should've known reflective objects wouldn't be easy. You can see the whole photo booth and camera reflected in the balls, so I need to re-think the setup. I also need to find some small rings to balance the balls on, because I like seeing the caps and of course they roll out of sight, and you can't see the designs on some of the balls. So the first flush of excitement has worn off, and the grind of "how the hell do I make this work" is setting in. I can still see the vision in my head, but need to find out how other people do this.
But while I was digging out my ornaments I pulled out a bunch of other Christmas things I have hanging around the studio (I like sparkly things, and Christmas is good for that!) and photographed those as well to keep my spirits up. I'll show you the others another day, but here's one for good luck:


  1. Maybe using old tops from plastic bottles or making small circles from pieces of a thin cardboard like a cereal box?

  2. plastic bottle tops is a great idea - thanks!