Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seaweed on iPad

Today's photo is titled "Seaweeds, August 30, 2010" and I am writing this post on my iPad. Yes, I think I have found an app that allows me to stick photos in to blog posts without messing with HTML. Yay! I just have to have the photos on my iPad. The app is BlogPress, and as soon as I press the save button I'll know whether I love this app or not. Ready?

Ok, I think I love it. How does that photo look to you? Is the resolution good?
Eek! I finally had a chance to check this on a larger screen, and oh my lord the resolution is horrible! Why didn't you guys say something?! It's like finding out you've been walking around all day with spinach in your teeth. Fortunately for my self-esteem this blog is resolutely about sharing the process, so here we go again, working it out in public.

The first thing I checked was the size of the source photo, which seems fine, and then on my 'real' computer I checked the blog photo. The "original size" turned out to be very small, and I think that's why the quality stinks here. I've gone over to Flickr (BlogPress automatically sent the photo there for hosting, which is another issue I need to deal with ... later) and grabbed the HTML for a medium-size photo, so let's see how that looks (the way BlogPress works I can only see the HTML code, not the photo, until I actually post.)
Well, on the bright side the resolution is vastly improved, but the photo is too big for Blogger's column and it's cut off on the right. Let me see what happens if Instead of going all the way over to Flickr I take the HTML from above and change the numerical height and width values .....
Yes! You can't hear me, but I am chanting softly "I'm so smart, I'm so smart. Yay me!" Hubris, I know, but working with computer code doesn't come naturally to me. My exultation is in direct proportion to my astonishment that it worked. So the verdict on BlogPress is still out. If I have to go back and forth to Flickr for HTML, I may as well work directly in Blogger. I'll have to try another post with a direct upload.
Are you having fun yet?

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