Saturday, January 29, 2011

My New Baby

Here she is, my brand-spanking new Nikon D7000, by far the fanciest camera I have ever owned. I've spent the last three months obsessively researching cameras, and settled on this one.
I think the lens alone weighs more than my last cat. 
For those of you who care about such things, it is a 28-300mm Nikkor lens. I am still learning what exactly that means. Well, I know what it actually means, what I don't know yet is how that translates to real world usage. The 300mm is the furthest extent of the telephoto. I suspect that if I wanted to become the paparazzi of Bar Harbor, Maine, I could use this monster to take photos through my neighbors' windows. From inside my house across the street! But I don't want to. So how did I end up with it? Well, see, it was massively on sale, and it is a really great all-purpose lens...
I am plodding my way through the manual, which I am enjoying almost as much as high-school algebra class. I am also beginning to wonder what I was thinking! 
Doubts are creeping in: This is an awful lot of camera.... Maybe I should have gotten a smaller lens...How could I spend so much...I really really want to take a nap...
Maybe I should just put the book down and start taking pictures.

Yes. Tomorrow, I will post a photograph. Taken with this camera, dammit. It will be good. And all will be well.


  1. Cool, you made an excellent choice in a new camera!

  2. Thanks! It was sold out everywhere online, and I tracked one down at ... Bangor Photo! ( Which turns out to be an awesome place run by very knowledgeable and passionate people.

    Next I need to try their printing service.