Sunday, January 30, 2011

So Whaddya Think? (About the Nikon D7000)

Red & Green, Hulls Cove, January 1, 2011
Here is the first photo from the new Nikon D7000. Wow! I'm in love. This is after plodding through about half the manual and deciding to ignore it and just use the automatic settings so I didn't get fed up before I properly got started.
For comparison, here's a shot of the same set up from my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 (a very good point-and-shoot):
And one from the old Olympus Stylus 800 I used for everything up 'til now:
All three images were cropped and tidied up (I just fixed the white balance and brightened them) in Photoshop Elements. All three were hand-held (no tripod) and had exactly the same lighting. The difference in color and clarity is amazing!
To really show off the difference, here's a detail from each:
That's the Nikon, with 16 megapixels.
The Lumix, with 12 megapixels.
And the Olympus, with 8 megapixels.

Oh yes, I love my ridiculously large, insanely complicated and mind-bogglingly expensive new camera. I think I will name her Ginormica.


  1. Ginormica certainly pulls her weight! Beautiful clarity!

  2. I love her so much I may send her a Valentine!

  3. Box of dark chocolate gets the point across better.

  4. Fabulous. So glad you love your new camera. I have the Nikon D5000 and it is a continuing, very complicated, love affair. Pruxxx

  5. Complicated - yes, that is the word for this camera!