Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowglobe Love

I don't know if anyone pays attention to the stuff in the sidebars, but if you've read my Profile, you know I love snowglobes. Well, plowing through my blog reading list tonight I came across the glorious Museum of Modern Snowglobes on Whorange. Be still, my plastic-dome-loving heart!

The website has this account of the museum's origins: "It began innocently enough: a snowglobe from Philadelphia, sent to a friend in Boston in 1997 inside a tiny, handcrafted wooden box. A few more particularly kitschy examples were acquired, and soon there were a dozen snowglobes on a windowsill. Now it was a collection, and once friends and family decide you collect something, you can't fight it.Who among us hasn't gotten a strange gift from a grandparent with a note like, 'I remembered you collect unicorns!' (twenty years ago)." Now there are 171 snowglobes in the collection (all neatly catalogued in the acquisitions database.)
The museum is located in Somerville, Massachusetts, and is open by appointment. Next time I visit the Boston-area relatives, I will make a pilgrimage!

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