Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Bar, February 11, 2011

Green & Brown, The Bar, February 11, 2011
When I got back from beachcombing last Friday I sat down and wrote this right away (but it took me until now to edit all the photos and post it!):
I've had a (small) hot pizza and a (big) mug of really hot chocolate, and I'm still not completely thawed. Brr, it was cold out on the Bar today! I was out for at least an hour, found all kinds of lovely things, including my very first marble, and finally decided to go home when I realized I couldn't feel my right toes, the back of my right hand, or my thighs. From the waist up I was pretty well bundled, but I guess long johns and khakis weren't enough for my legs. It's not even all that cold; the thermometer at my house says 23F. It's the wind that does it. And the itty bitty leak that developed in my boots. Maybe I'll get a hot water bottle for my feet, curl up with a nice warm computer, and do some online shopping for snowpants and winter boots. I know a lot of people who swear by Mucks. What do you wear for winter beachcombing? Or are you sane?
The Bar, February 11, 2011
That's the Bar up there - all the greyish stuff between the snow and Bar Island. It's completely under water at high tide.
I took a lot of photos of ice. It was a brilliantly sunny afternoon, and while the light was too harsh for good landscape photography it did wonderful things to the cracks in the ice. (This is all with the Panasonic Lumix, as I'm not brave enough yet to carry Ginormica down the icy slopes to the beach.)
 Isn't that amazing? The ice is just flowing over the barnacle-encrusted rock. It looks like Fortuny pleats.
This one looks like a trilobite. Those are frozen ripples!
OK, just one more...
Brrr - time for something hot to drink!


  1. Just discovered you/your work and love what I see. Looking forward to checking out Flickr, etc, shortly.

  2. Welcome, Amy, and thank you! I'll see you over at Flickr...

  3. love your post! and the rock collections :)