Saturday, March 5, 2011


I love Kickstarter! If you missed my first post about it, it is a website that serves as "a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers..." The latest project that caught my imagination is LetterMpress, "A virtual letterpress for your iPad." Check this out:

I've also helped fund a book called Punk MathematicsShannon Rankin (an American artist planning an installation in Berlin), The Oldest Living Things in the World (a woman documenting living things that are over 2000 years old, and Paintings for Satellites (an artist doing large scale paintings on New York rooftops). All those fundraisers are over, but they send periodic updates on their progress. I'm not exactly rolling in cash, but I can usually spare $10 for a really cool idea, and most of the people I've chosen to fund have far exceeded the amount they were trying to raise. No one's failed yet. The Punk Math guy was looking for $2000 to fund him while he wrote, and he got $28,000. Apparently there are a lot of us who like word problems that involve exploding trains.

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