Sunday, March 6, 2011

My First Craft Fair

Isn't that a gorgeous poster? I got word a couple of days ago that I've been accepted for The Big Thaw craft fair next month in Portland (Maine). I'm about equally divided between excitement and total panic. No idea what to expect. How many photos should I bring? Framed? If not, how do I package them, especially since I'm trying to cut down on plastic? Can I hang them on the wall? Will they have a wall or do I have to bring my own? Dear lord, what have I gotten myself into? If you've done craft fairs I could sure use some advice. And if you live anywhere near Portland you have to come hold my hand!
On the other hand, it promises to be a great chance to meet all kinds of interesting people and see amazing artwork and fantastic crafts. When you finish holding my hand, you can check out all the cool stuff!

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