Friday, March 18, 2011

Fork, Knife, Spoon (Treasure Beach, February 20, 2011)

Fork, Knife, Spoon (Treasure beach, February 20, 2011)
The sun came out for a while and the tide was high but ebbing, so I headed down to my favorite collecting beach. By the time I got there it was overcast again and the wind started to pick up. I was pretty well bundled, so just ignored the weather. When it started to snow, I moved under the pier.
This beach picks up all kinds of debris from the harbor. A lot of it is obviously from restaurants, like a gazillion lobster-claw-bands, plastic spoons, and broken bits of diner-style china. It's one of the only beaches where I reliably find good sea glass (as opposed to broken glass!). I guess the commercial waterfront has just been dumping debris for a hundred years or so. It is a fantastic place to hunt.
Looked at another way, it is an awful mess and all the recently-dumped trash is quite depressing. You'd think people would have improved over the years, with all the recycling and environmental education we've gotten since I was a kid. (Can you finish this slogan:   "Give a hoot, ____ _______" ? If you can, then I know how old you are!)

After an hour and a half the sun came out again, but my camera battery had died and I was thoroughly frozen (because I have not yet got wind pants or mended my boots and my gloves got damp) so I've got no good location photos for you.

Oh, and can you spot the sources of this photo's title?


  1. gorgeous collection photo, jenn. i just love it.

  2. Give a hoot, don't pollute!

    The beachcomber photo for today is awesome.