Saturday, March 19, 2011

Treasure Beach, March 12, 2011

The sun finally came out and the thermometer climbed over thirty degrees, but my kids flatly refused to leave the house. I left them behind and went beachcombing on my own, feeling only the tiniest smidgen of mother-guilt. Sometimes I miss the chubby little cheeks they had as toddlers, but oh it is nice that they are old enough to stay by themselves for an hour!
I've decided that I need to re-take the beach glass photos that started this whole photography thing. The originals are interesting compositions but technical disasters.
 They're fuzzy, the shadows are harsh, there are two or three light sources with different colors ... anyway, I decided the only thing to do is start over. Unfortunately, I sold off most of that glass. (After all, the whole thing started because I was taking pictures to sell the glass for my etsy shop.) SO, I have to gather more glass.  Did pretty well today, too!
I've decided not to do the white and clear glass, at least not as part of this series. (White glass on a white background has driven me way past crazy, so I'm shelving it for now.)

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