Sunday, May 1, 2011

Coffee by Design, Portland, Maine

Drove down to Portland (Maine) on Saturday (yesterday) to hang a show at Coffee by Design. Nice shop with great coffee.
We all know I'm just a teensy bit of a perfectionist about symmetry, right? And making things line up? Want to hazard a guess about how long it took me to get these arrangements "perfect" using monofilament to hang them?
Why yes, FOUR HOURS, exactly! I'm insane. The one just above was the first wall I did, and by the time I figured out how to adjust hanging height by 1/8" I was too damn tired to go back and fix it.
Yup. Completely insane.

Looks pretty good, though! And I slept really late today...


  1. OK, first of all - why didn't you tell me what you were doing?!! Mom and I were less than an hour away from Portland on Saturday and we could have helped you. Second... it looks awesome!! So awesome, it just gave me an idea. The tags don't fit with your "look". Know what would? You know those little metal frames, some have thumb pulls, that go on drawers? I think I have a die that does that shape. We could cut them out of metallic paper, or even thin sheets of copper and antique them... OK, who's crazy now!!

  2. Jenn!! I'm so glad this came together - the show looks great! I will pop in for a coffee and creme horn and yell about how excellent the show looks to wake some people up at 7am. :)

  3. WOW! Your work looks amazing in there! Nice job!

  4. Sandy - Umm, because you were trying to get work done? And because I had no idea how long this would take? And I LOVE the tag idea. Love love love. Can you send me a sample cut-out?

    Audrey - thanks so much for making this happen. And my husband is especially grateful because he's found the first decaf french roast that he really likes ;-)

    handmedowndesigns - thank you!