Friday, July 1, 2011

Reel Pizza, Bar Harbor

Reel Pizza is a local institution - a movie theater that serves great pizza. Seating is a combination of big battered sofas up at the front with traditional movie seats at the back. There are folding tray tables (like the ones my grandparents had) for the couches, and the movie seats have a narrow ledge built in front of them for a table. 
An old bingo board up on the wall flashes customer numbers when your order is ready, and the pizza styles all have names taken from old movies. They get the usual summer blockbusters, of course, but they also get a lot of foreign and "art" movies. Beg pardon, films. The last thing I saw there was the Werner Herzog flick "Cave of Dreams," and the next thing I'm going to see will be "Cars 2" (because I have a houseful of tweens and teens who must be entertained): A pretty broad spectrum of American culture.
Anyway, I just finished hanging a show in the lobby this afternoon, so if you're in the area, stop by and have a look!

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