Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hutchins Camp/Donnell Pond, Franklin, Maine; July 23, 2011

We went out to Donnell Pond in Franklin to have dinner with old friends. A sunset cruise in a classic 60s motorboat, chauffeured by our 10-year-old daughter (who drove very slowly, with an occasional burst of speed that toppled us sideways) followed by food, wine, and is good.

 One advantage to put-putting along with a new driver at the helm ...
 the loons were not troubled in the least, and let us putter right up next to them.

 My girl drove slowly, but not quite slowly enough for a hand-held camera at dusk, so I didn't get many clear shots.
 I'm still obsessively photographing water, especially waves.

 Can you see the clusters of black dots on some of the leaves?
 The water striders were resting at the end of a long day.
 There were plenty of empty leaves, but they seem to like company as they were all crowded onto a few leaves.
 As I was beachcombing just before dinner, this little guy hopped out of my path just before I stepped on him. Granted it was dusk, and the light was dimming, but I was beachcombing - looking intently at the ground by my feet - and I still didn't notice him until he moved. That's some pretty effective camouflage!


  1. These photos are gorgeous Jenn. I especially love that first wave one where the lip of the wave is just beginning to curl over.

  2. It almost looks like glass, doesn't it? Wish it was a higher-quality photo... hand-held at sunset is tricky. And in a motorboat? I'm just glad a few of them came out!