Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Photo Technique

Aquamarine Sea Glass
I've been using a new photo technique I thought I'd share with you. I got the idea from this very useful (and short) video by Bryan Peterson, but I didn't want to run out and spend four or five hundred dollars on flashes and wireless. So, as usual, I cobbled together my own version.
 I built a box of foamcore, put 4 lamps in it with Ott Lite (daylight spectrum) bulbs, and topped it with a piece of white acrylic (the kind used for making signs).
I line up my subjects on the acrylic, and voila, no shadows, and lovely backlighting on the sea glass.
For your entertainment (as opposed to edification), here is the full setup. My flat files are in the center of the room, and I put my tripod on top so I could get farther away from the lightbox. I put a piece of plywood on top of the flat files so I don't dent them when I stand there. It isn't elegant, and my "studio" is packed to the gills and will never be featured in any magazine, but I get a LOT of exercise jumping up and down from this contraption!
Olive Green Sea Glass
 Pretty, ain't they?


  1. Quite creative! Your photos are always beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the links to these...this one seems particularly useful and you get great results (all that texture in the Olive Green Sea Glass is impressively inspiring)!

  3. If you build a lightbox I'd love to see what you do!