Friday, September 16, 2011

The Blue Hill Fair

Welcome to the Blue Hill Fair! Held on Labor Day weekend in lovely Blue Hill, Maine, the Fair marks the official end of summer in these parts. The kids start school the day after Labor Day, so this is their last hooray.

I get dizzy on the rides that go in circles, so I let the kids go on and I hang out and take photos.

 The only livestock that caught my kids attention long enough for me to take photos was a stall full of piglets.
This year my daughter and I went back for the fireworks show on Sunday night. I brought my tripod and had lots of fun playing with long exposures on the Midway.

 If you do a long enough exposure, you can make people disappear!
And if you do a long exposure during the fireworks, you get this:

Summer really did go out with a bang this year!


  1. What a fabulous fair. Feels so old fashioned. I love it. It's what fairs should be like. I love all your long exposure shots too. How have the kids settled back into their school routines? And you?? Pxxx

  2. Thanks, Prxx! We're getting the routines down - sports and music lessons are still being determined. How are you and yours?