Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rainbow Buttons

Rainbow Buttons by quercus design
Rainbow Buttons, a photo by quercus design on Flickr.
Blustery, wet, snowy rain today - a good day to stay inside and play with buttons! Most of them are vintage. They came from my grandmothers' sewing boxes. The little green mother-of-pearl one I bought in a market in Soreze, France. And the dark green one with two holes I found on the beach! So this is sort of a beachcombing photo, well-disguised.
These antique cards of buttons came from the tailor shop my husband's great-grandfather owned in Minneapolis. The brown ones are the most beautifully heavy glass, full of highlights and swirling tones of amber.  They are all so lovely on their cards I can't bear to take them off for a mere sewing project. I should frame them, but I've run out of wall space!

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