Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Seedheads by quercus design
Seedheads, a photo by quercus design on Flickr.
I started weeding the front garden today while waiting for the school bus, and the coolest, lacy poppy seedpod rolled right in front of me. Then I noticed how frilly the empty daylily seedheads have gotten. And then I completely lost interest in weeding and started rooting around looking for more pods. (This minimal attention span would be why my garden looks so unkempt.)

We have here the seed pods of daylilies, bellflower (a wild one that pops up whenever my back is turned, maybe Campanula rapunculoides), coneflower, Allium cristophii, hyssop, veronica, a small poppy, and those really tall yellow pompoms that nobody has heard of that start with 'c' Cephalaria.

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