Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Choosing Frames and Print Sizes

photograph by Jennifer Squires (not Jennifer Booher!) used with permission from the photographer
Here are a couple of links that will be very useful to anyone who wants to display photographs in their home. Jennifer Squires is a fantastic photographer who produces the most otherwordly landscape images. If you don't know her work, you are in for a treat when you go over to her website. I read her blog regularly, and recently noted that she has pulled together several very practical posts on framing and displaying photos. Each post is about a standard print size, and lists the frames available in that size from a variety of large suppliers, including Michaels and Ikea. She also has suggestions for displaying photos in that size. Definitely have a look - I've bookmarked all of these for my own reference:

8x10 Prints

11x14 Prints

Choosing Print Sizes for your Space

Added 1/5/12:

16x20 Prints

20x24 Prints

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