Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blossom Studio

Photo by Sihaya Hopkins
Blossom Studio is a lovely shop in Brooklin, Maine, owned by Sihaya Hopkins. Sihaya is a glassblower, and you can see her beautiful beads in the store.
You can also see my work, because she is now carrying an assortment of my prints and postcards.
Her shop is in a wonderful old building that looks like it was a general store back in the horse-and-buggy days. When I visited, she was in the middle of renovating, and the elegant, tall ceilings were my favorite feature. Or maybe the enormous windows. Or the welcoming porch...
We had lunch just down the road at The Cave; wonderful sandwiches with locally-sourced ingredients. It looked like a number of other interesting places were getting ready to open, and the views were just lovely. I can't wait til my summer visitors start arriving - I'm going to drag everybody up the coast (Brooklin is about an hour from Bar Harbor) to explore the area!
beachcombing photo
All photos in this post are courtesy of Sihaya Hopkins

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